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Box #6: Menopausal

Short Description

The 'Menopausal' Box is for the true woman, it was designed to aid in the transition of menopause by; promoting healthy skin and brain function, reducing cholesteral, controling blood sugar, slowing bone loss, increasing mental health, regulating insulin, regulating circulation, increasing eye health and controling blood pressure.


  • Collection: Handmade, Creative Ideas
  • Materials: Wood, wool fabric, plastic
  • Status: For sale
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Main Features

  • Tags: Handmade, Creative Ideas
  • Materials: Wood, wool fabric, plastic
  • Size: 28 cm X 29 cm X 22 cm





Green Tea (Skincare & Brain)

Premium Dragon Well Long, Huan Shan Mao Feng, Organic Superfine Dragon, Organic Bai Hao

Black Tea (Cholesteral Reduction, Blood Sugar Control)

Fengqing Dragon Pearl, Golden Monkey, Superfine Tan Yang

Oolong Tea (Bone Loss)

Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk, Taiwan Monkey Picked, Iron Goddess

White Tea (Healthy Skin)

Premium White Peony, Organic White Peony, Moonlight Beauty, Lily Dragon Ball

Jasmine Tea (Mental Health, Regulates Insulin, Regulates Circulation)

Superfine Jasmine Downy, Loving Hearts, Autumn Lover Flower, Double Blessing

Chrysanthemum Tea (Eye Health, Blood Pressure)

Chrysanthemum Ripened Loose, Christmas Tree Flower, Ripened Chrysanthemum, Yunnan Chrysanthemum